Lower your Academy Costs!!


Sponsor a Prospect -

The best way to lower your academy costs is to find a company to sponsor you as a Prospect.   All of the dollars created through this sponsorship program will go directly against your academy fees.  We appreciate times are tough and welcome any and all initiatives by individual players and their families to lower their costs.

All corporate sponsors will receive a team picture, hat, website spot, season tickets to Edmonton Prospects home games, a spot on the “Sponsor a Prospect” Board, as well as an invoice for 100% of the sponsorship value for tax purposes. 


Another way to raise money toward your fees is to sell a sign on the Athletes Nation infield wall.   In return, you as the seller will receive a 20% commission on the value of the sale [exclusive of production costs].   An inventory and sales sheet [brochure] is available upon request for those interested in this opportunity. 

Billet a Prospect

The Prospects Academy will also offer a billet discount of $350 per month for any player who takes in another player as a billet.   Annually this equates to a $3500 discount, but requires the billet family to provide food and accommodation in return.   All billets will receive 2 season tickets for the Edmonton Prospects of the Western Major Baseball League.


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