Keegan Hucul - UT Arlington, NCAA DI

"Throughout my time in St. Albert, and especially just prior to my freshman year, I was fortunate enough to play for one of the best programs in Canada in my opinion. As a Prospects Academy alumni, my decision to stay back after high school and play was highly beneficial for me. It allowed me to simply work hard and get better as a ball player so I could go to the US even more ready. For the newcomers to the academy, just know that you are getting yourselves into a high quality program with coaches with college experience who know what they are doing. I had the privilege of playing with Taylor Burns for a number of years, and under Cam Houston for the academy in '09-'10. Their knowledge and skillset as coaches will provide the foundation for this program, and the means by which each player will improve. There are many factors that got me to where I am today as a UT Arlington pitcher, but a key stepping stone for me was signing with the Prospects Baseball Academy."

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