Prospects Proud to Announce Bellerose Composite High School as Educational Partner

29/02/2012 18:10

The Prospects Academy is proud to partner again with Bellerose Composite High School in St. Albert to provide out-of-town recruits with top schooling during their time within the academy program.  Although local players are not required to change high schools in order to take part in the academy, the bulk of the Prospects Academy players will be enrolled at Bellerose Composite High School in 2012-2013.

Bellerose Composite High School offers a wide variety of curricular courses as well as various career and technology programs, which allows students the opportunity for a well-rounded education as well as the ability to choose specific areas of focus in order to best prepare each for successful futures.  The Prospects Academy will work closely with the high school in order to ensure that grades are an area of focus and that academy players strive for an elite level in both baseball and academics.

The following is the welcome message from Principal George Mentz (found on the Bellerose Composite High School website):

"There are reasons students choose their high school. Unlike elementary and junior high, where somewhat predictable patterns of inter-school movement happen, high school is, for many, a time of selection. So why did our students choose Bellerose?  It could be that we recognize that a strong curricular focus is critical to our students' futures, and we are proud of the opportunities we offer to our full range of students to aspire to the highest level they can achieve.  It could be that's why young people become Bulldogs, but there's so much more. Our students cite the teachers, the sports, the fine arts and the preparation for life that our varied and strong Career and Technology Studies courses offer.  There's the facility - second to none in the area.  There's the commitment to community and volunteerism.  There's the spirit and the pride that comes from being a part of a tremendously positive, welcoming, inclusive school community.  When a school has overwhelming support from its community as evidenced by our Board conducted surveys of all involved, you know you have a winning formula."

Bellerose Composite High School's full Sports Academy webpage may be found HERE.

All three levels of the Prospects Academy will be available to baseball players from across Canada and include the Prospects Sr. Academy Travel Team (ages 16-18), the Prospects Jr. Academy Off-Season Developmental Program (ages 14-18) and the Prospects Futures Academy Off-Season Developmental Program (ages 10-13). Both the Sr. and Jr. programs are able to accommodate nation-wide recruits, while the Jr. and Futures programs will be primarily made up of local baseball players. For more information or to register for Prospects Academy programs, please contact Earl Thompson at 780-995-7065 or EMAIL.



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