Prospects Off-Season Update

06/12/2012 16:09

The Prospects Academy players are working very hard during the cold Alberta winter.  After a solid fall the program has transitioned into the off-season and the players are already seeing some rewards from their hard work.  The off-season is crucial for the development of these high school baseball players as they dedicate themselves to a 5-day a week strength and conditioning program.  Each player's program differs slightly or significantly, and is developed by strength and conditioning and pitching coach Taylor Burns.  Since each player is different, the program needs to be tailored to the individual.  Players are already noticably stronger, faster, more explosive, and more mobile.  Almost every single hitter's exit velocity (velocity of the ball off the tee) improved significantly in just one month.  Mitchell Hazlett and Luke Muise who hit 92, and 91, respectively are eager to try and break the academy record of 96.

The off-season is also a great time to utilize video to break down hitting, fielding, and pitching mechanics and the players participate in baseball skill work five days a week as well.  It's a great time for players to take a step back and evaluate where they're at and spend the time needed to really focus on making the changes needed in order to improve without having to worry about actually competing for a couple months.

With the combination of the skill work and strength and conditioning already paying dividends the players and coaches can't wait to get playing again come spring.


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