Prospects Academy Rolls out 3 Travel Teams for the Upcoming Season

27/07/2016 14:15

The Prospects Academy are excited to announce that they will add a third travel team for the upcoming 2016 - 2017 season. The Prospects will have a Gold, Black, and White travel teams, building off the tremendous success of the 2015 - 2016 season.


The Gold team will be the top team with players ranging from grades 10 - 12. Their schedule will contain 50-60 games in the fall and spring with travel throughout Alberta, BC, and USA. The Gold team will also play half their schedule vs. College programs. 


The Black team will be made up of grades 10 - 12. Their schedule will contain 40-50 games in the fall and spring with travel throughout Alberta and BC. 


The White team team will be made up of grades 9 - 11. Their schedule will contain 35-45 games in the fall and spring with travel through Alberta and BC. 


The Prospects will also continue with the Jr. Prospects winter training program. This program will be a 5 month program that runs from the middle of October to the end of March. Ages will range from 11-16. All training will be individualized. 


All of the Prospects programs will be all inclusive. The cost of the Programs will cover; all training, coaching, strength and conditioning program, apparel, travel, hotels, flights, and meals on the road. 


Long time Prospects Coach Cam Houston had to this to say about the upcoming year. " We are very excited about the upcoming season. Adding another team will be huge for the continued development of the Program. I think all 3 teams are going to be very strong and looking forward to working with this group of young athletes.  They all seem very eager to get after it and get better. The talent level we have on all 3 teams seems like it will make for an outstanding year. We have also brought in a brand new coaching staff with a lot of experience. This group of guys are really excited about player development and helping players reach their potential on and off the field."


Rosters and Schedules for the fall will be posted within the next few weeks. Check back for more detail.


For any questions on any of the Programs contact Cam Houston or Mike Johnson for more details. 


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