Atlantic Canada Recruiting

24/02/2012 22:26

The ACBF Prospects Academy President of the Board, Earl Thompson, and Technical Director, John Sutherland, are currently recruiting in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.  Setting up a home base in Moncton, the Prospects Academy representatives plan to be in contact with up to 100 players at the Jr. and Sr. Selects level in each province.

The Atlantic Canada trip kicks off the recruiting efforts for the 2012-2013 Prospects Sr. Academy Travel Team, which will be reinstated within the Prospects Academy programming in the upcoming school year.  After a year off to regroup the business operations and player development initiatives, the Prospects Academy looks forward to offering elite level baseball instruction, training and showcase opportunity for its participants.

All three levels of the Prospects Academy will be available to baseball players from across Canada and include the Prospects Sr. Academy Travel Team (ages 16-18), the Prospects Jr. Academy Off-Season Developmental Program (ages 14-18) and the Prospects Futures Academy Off-Season Developmental Program (ages 10-13).  Both the Sr. and Jr. programs are able to accommodate nation-wide recruits, while the Jr. and Futures programs will be primarily made up of local baseball players.  For more information or to register for Prospects Academy programs, please contact Earl Thompson at 780-995-7065 or EMAIL.

Additionally, camps, private instruction and batting cage rentals will continue to be offered at the Academy's Athletes Nation location in St. Albert.  For camp, private instruction or cage rental information or reservations, please contact John Sutherland at 587-985-0516 or EMAIL.


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